# Examples

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# TodoMVC Examples (opens new window)

Playground repository where you can run tests in different helpers on a basic single-page website.

Tests repository demonstrate usage of

  • Puppeteer helper
  • WebDriver helper
  • TestCafe plugin
  • Toggle headless mode with env variables
  • PageObjects
  • Cucumber syntax

# Basic Examples (opens new window)

CodeceptJS repo contains basic tests (both failing and passing) just to show how it works. Our team uses it to test new features and run simple scenarios.

# Testing Single Page Application (opens new window)

End 2 end tests for Bugira Bugtracker (opens new window) app built with Rails & EmberJS. Bugira is a SaaS application that helps collecting users' feedbacks and transforming them into professional bug reports.

Tests repository demonstrate usage of

  • Puppeteer helper
  • ApiDataFactory helper
  • autoLogin plugin
  • Dynamic config with profiles

# Practical E2E Tests (opens new window)

Examples from the book Practical End 2 End Testing with CodeceptJS (opens new window) by Paul Vincent Beigang.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • dynamic config with profiles
  • testing WYSIWYG editor
  • GitLab CI

# CodeceptJS Cucumber E2E Framework (opens new window)

This repository contains complete E2E framework for CodeceptJS with Cucumber and SauceLabs Integration

  • CodecepJS-Cucumber E2E Framework
  • Saucelabs Integration
  • Run Cross Browser tests in Parallel on SauceLabs with a simple command
  • Run tests on chrome:headless
  • Page Objects
  • Should.js Assertion Library
  • Uses wdio service (selenium-standalone, sauce)
  • Allure HTML Reports
  • Uses shared Master configuration
  • Sample example and feature files of GitHub Features

# Amazon Tests v2 (opens new window)

Testing Amazon website using Selenium WebDriver.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • WebDriver helper
  • Page Objects
  • wdio services (selenium-standalone)
  • Parallel execution
  • GitLab CI setup

# Amazon Tests v1 (opens new window)

Previous version of Amazon Tests, still valid but quite different.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • WebDriver helper
  • Page Objects
  • Bootstrap and teardown
  • Parallel execution

# Tests with Docker Compose (opens new window)

Running CodeceptJS tests with Docker Compose

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • CodeceptJS Docker image
  • WebDriver helper
  • Allure plugin

# ModusCreate Tests (opens new window)

Test automation by ModusCreate agency with NightmareJS.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • Nightmare helper
  • Reports with Mochawesome
  • Docker
  • Page objects and page fragments

# AngularJS Example Tests (opens new window)

Based on Setting up End-to-End Testing in Angular Project with CodeceptJS (opens new window) post by Armno Prommarak.

This repository demonstrates usage of

  • Puppeteer helper
  • Working with Angular CLI
  • Reports with Mochawesome helper

# REST Example Tests (opens new window)

This repository demonstrates usage of

  • REST helper

# Automation Starter (opens new window)

The purpose of this application is for learning the basics and how to use good practices and useful tools in automation.

  • Puppeteer helper
  • Working with gherkin, also it has type definitions and to be able to use them inside when, given and then make sure you add declare function inject(): { I: CodeceptJS.I, [key: string]: any; };in the steps.d.tsfile
  • Linting airbnb-base, codeceptjs/codeceptjs and full ES6 support

# Example for using: Puppeteer, Gherkin, Allure with parallel execution (opens new window)

This is a ready to use example that shows how to integrate CodeceptJS with Puppeteer and Allure as reporting tool.

  • detailed ReadMe
  • tests written in cucumber alongside tests written in the codeceptJS DSL
  • puppeteer helper example
  • test steps, pages, fragments
  • examples for sequential and parallel execution
  • generation of allure test results

# Framework with UI and API test support : CodeceptJS , Puppeteer , REST , ESLint (opens new window)

This is a basic framework with Puppeteer , REST helpers which can support both UI and API actions within same test. More improvements and features will be added and will be updated. Suggestions and improvements are welcome , please raise a ticket in Issue tab.

  • Step by step setup in README
  • Two helpers are added. UI - Puppeteer , API - REST and chai-codeceptJS for assetion
  • ESLint for code check
  • Upcoming : API generic functions , Adaptor design pattern , More utilities