# Examples

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# TodoMVC Examples

Playground repository where you can run tests in different helpers on a basic single-page website.

Tests repository demonstrate usage of

  • Puppeteer helper
  • WebDriver helper
  • TestCafe plugin
  • Toggle headless mode with env variables
  • PageObjects
  • Cucumber syntax

# Basic Examples

CodeceptJS repo contains basic tests (both failing and passing) just to show how it works. Our team uses it to test new features and run simple scenarios.

# Testing Single Page Application

End 2 end tests for Bugira Bugtracker app built with Rails & EmberJS. Bugira is a SaaS application that helps collecting users' feedbacks and transforming them into professional bug reports.

Tests repository demonstrate usage of

  • Puppeteer helper
  • ApiDataFactory helper
  • autoLogin plugin
  • Dynamic config with profiles

# Practical E2E Tests

Examples from the book Practical End 2 End Testing with CodeceptJS by Paul Vincent Beigang.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • dynamic config with profiles
  • testing WYSIWYG editor
  • GitLab CI

# CodeceptJS Cucumber E2E Framework

This repository contains complete E2E framework for CodeceptJS with Cucumber and SauceLabs Integration

  • CodecepJS-Cucumber E2E Framework
  • Saucelabs Integration
  • Run Cross Browser tests in Parallel on SauceLabs with a simple command
  • Run tests on chrome:headless
  • Page Objects
  • Should.js Assertion Library
  • Uses wdio service (selenium-standalone, sauce)
  • Allure HTML Reports
  • Uses shared Master configuration
  • Sample example and feature files of GitHub Features

# Amazon Tests v2

Testing Amazon website using Selenium WebDriver.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • WebDriver helper
  • Page Objects
  • wdio services (selenium-standalone)
  • Parallel execution
  • GitLab CI setup

# Amazon Tests v1

Previous version of Amazon Tests, still valid but quite different.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • WebDriver helper
  • Page Objects
  • Bootstrap and teardown
  • Parallel execution

# Tests with Docker Compose

Running CodeceptJS tests with Docker Compose

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • CodeceptJS Docker image
  • WebDriver helper
  • Allure plugin

# ModusCreate Tests

Test automation by ModusCreate agency with NightmareJS.

This repository demonstrates usage of:

  • Nightmare helper
  • Reports with Mochawesome
  • Docker
  • Page objects and page fragments

# AngularJS Example Tests

Based on Setting up End-to-End Testing in Angular Project with CodeceptJS post by Armno Prommarak.

This repository demonstrates usage of

  • Puppeteer helper
  • Working with Angular CLI
  • Reports with Mochawesome helper

# REST Example Tests

This repository demonstrates usage of

  • REST helper

# Automation Starter

The purpose of this application is for learning the basics and how to use good practices and useful tools in automation.

  • Puppeteer helper
  • Working with gherkin, also it has type definitions and to be able to use them inside when, given and then make sure you add declare function inject(): { I: CodeceptJS.I, [key: string]: any; };in the steps.d.tsfile
  • Linting airbnb-base, codeceptjs/codeceptjs and full ES6 support

# Example for using: Puppeteer, Gherkin, Allure with parallel execution

This is a ready to use example that shows how to integrate CodeceptJS with Puppeteer and Allure as reporting tool.

  • detailed ReadMe
  • tests written in cucumber alongside tests written in the codeceptJS DSL
  • puppeteer helper example
  • test steps, pages, fragments
  • examples for sequential and parallel execution
  • generation of allure test results

# Framework with UI and API test support : CodeceptJS , Puppeteer , REST , ESLint

This is a basic framework with Puppeteer , REST helpers which can support both UI and API actions within same test. More improvements and features will be added and will be updated. Suggestions and improvements are welcome , please raise a ticket in Issue tab.

  • Step by step setup in README
  • Two helpers are added. UI - Puppeteer , API - REST and chai-codeceptJS for assetion
  • ESLint for code check
  • Upcoming : API generic functions , Adaptor design pattern , More utilities