# CodeceptUI

CodeceptJS has an interactive, graphical test runner. We call it CodeceptUI. It works in your browser and helps you to manage your tests.

CodeceptUI can be used for

  • running tests by groups or single
  • get test reports
  • review tests
  • edit tests and page objects
  • write new tests
  • reuse one browser session accross multiple test runs
  • easily switch to headless/headful mode

# Installation

CodeceptUI is already installed with create-codeceptjs command but you can install it manually via:

npm i @codeceptjs/ui --save

# Usage

To start using CodeceptUI you need to have CodeceptJS project with a few tests written. If CodeceptUI was installed by create-codecept command it can be started with:

npm run codeceptjs:ui

CodeceptUI can be started in two modes:

  • Application mode - starts Electron application in a window. Designed for desktop systems.
  • Server mode - starts a webserver. Deigned for CI systems.

To start CodeceptUI in application mode:

npx codecept-ui --app

To start CodeceptUI in server mode:

npx codecept-ui
Last Updated: 9/30/2020, 3:49:15 PM