# vue-cli-plugin-e2e-codeceptjs

Hey, how about some end 2 end testing for your Vue apps? πŸ€”

Let's do it together! Vue, me, CodeceptJS (opens new window) & Puppeteer (opens new window). πŸ€—

Browser testing was never that simple. Just see it! 😍

I.click('My Component Button');
I.see('My Component');
I.say('I am happy!');
// that's right, this is a valid test!

# How to try it?


  • NodeJS >= 8.9
  • NPM / Yarn
  • Vue CLI installed globally
npm i vue-cli-plugin-codeceptjs-puppeteer --save-dev

This will install CodeceptJS, CodeceptUI & Puppeteer with Chrome browser.

To add CodeceptJS to your project invoke installer:

vue invoke vue-cli-plugin-codeceptjs-puppeteer

You will be asked about installing a demo component. If you start a fresh project it is recommended to agree and install a demo component, so you could see tests passing.

# Running Tests

We added npm scripts:

  • test:e2e - will execute tests with browser opened. If you installed test component, and started a test server, running this command will show you a brower window passed test.
    • Use --headless option to run browser headlessly
    • Use --serve option to start a dev server before tests


npm run test:e2e
npm run test:e2e -- --headless
npm run test:e2e -- --serve

This command is a wrapper for codecept run --steps. You can use the Run arguments and options here.

  • test:e2e:parallel - will execute tests headlessly in parallel processes (workers). By default runs tests in 2 workers.
    • Use an argument to set number of workers
    • Use --serve option to start dev server before running


npm run test:e2e:parallel
npm run test:e2e:parallel -- 3
npm run test:e2e:parallel -- 3 --serve

This command is a wrapper for codecept run-workers 2. You can use the Run arguments and options here.

  • test:e2e:open - this opens interactive web test runner. So you could see, review & run your tests from a browser.

npm run test:e2e:open

# Directory Structure

Generator has created these files:

codecept.conf.js          πŸ‘ˆ codeceptjs config
jsconfig.json             πŸ‘ˆ enabling type definitons
β”œβ”€β”€ e2e
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ app_test.js       πŸ‘ˆ demo test, edit it!
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ output            πŸ‘ˆ temp directory for screenshots, reports, etc
β”‚   └── support
β”‚       └── steps_file.js πŸ‘ˆ common steps
└── steps.d.ts            πŸ‘ˆ type definitions

If you agreed to create a demo component, you will also see TestMe component in src/components folder.

# How to write tests?

# Enjoy testing!

Testing is simple & fun, enjoy it!

With ❀ CodeceptJS Team (opens new window)