# Commands

# Run

Executes tests. Requires codecept.conf.js config to be present in provided path.

Run all tests from current dir

npx codeceptjs run

Load config and run tests from test dir

npx codeceptjs run -c test

Run only tests with "signin" word in name

npx codeceptjs run --grep "signin"

Run all tests without "@IEOnly" word in name

npx codeceptjs run --grep "@IEOnly" --invert

Run single test [path to codecept.js] [test filename]

npx codeceptjs run github_test.js

Run single test with steps printed

npx codeceptjs run github_test.js --steps

Run single test in debug mode (see more in debugging section)

npx codeceptjs run github_test.js --debug

Select config file manually (-c or --config option)

npx codeceptjs run -c my.codecept.conf.js
npx codeceptjs run --config path/to/codecept.conf.js

Override config on the fly. Provide valid JSON which will be merged into current config:

npx codeceptjs run --override '{ "helpers": {"WebDriver": {"browser": "chrome"}}}'

Run tests and produce xunit report:

npx codeceptjs run --reporter xunit

Use any of Mocha reporters (opens new window) used.

# Debugging

Run single test in debug mode

npx codeceptjs run --debug

Run test with internal logs printed.

npx codeceptjs run --verbose

Display complete debug output including scheduled promises

DEBUG=codeceptjs:* npx codeceptjs run

# Run Workers

Run tests in parallel threads.

npx codeceptjs run-workers 3

# Run Rerun Since 3.3.6

Run tests multiple times to detect and fix flaky tests.

npx codeceptjs run-rerun

For this command configuration is required:

  // inside codecept.conf.js
  rerun: {
    // how many times all tests should pass
    minSuccess: 2,

    // how many times to try to rerun all tests
    maxReruns: 4,

Use Cases:

  • minSuccess: 1, maxReruns: 5 - run all tests no more than 5 times, until first successful run.
  • minSuccess: 3, maxReruns: 5 - run all tests no more than 5 times, until reaching 3 successfull runs.
  • minSuccess: 10, maxReruns: 10 - run all tests exactly 10 times, to check their stability.

# Dry Run

Prints test scenarios without executing them

npx codeceptjs dry-run

When passed --steps or --debug option runs tests, disabling all plugins and helpers, so you can get step-by-step report with no tests actually executed.

npx codeceptjs dry-run --steps

If a plugin needs to be enabled in dry-run mode, pass its name in -p option:

npx codeceptjs dry-run --steps -p allure

To enable bootstrap script in dry-run mode, pass in --bootstrap option when running with --steps or --debug

npx codeceptjs dry-run --steps --bootstrap

# Run Multiple

⚠️ prefer using run-workers instead

Run multiple suites. Unlike run-workers spawns processes to execute tests. Requires additional configuration and can be used to execute tests in multiple browsers.

npx codeceptjs run-multiple smoke:chrome regression:firefox

# Init

Creates codecept.conf.js file in current directory:

npx codeceptjs init

Or in provided path

npx codecept init test

# Migrate

Migrate your current codecept.json to codecept.conf.js

npx codeceptjs migrate

# Shell

Interactive shell. Allows to try I. commands in runtime

npx codeceptjs shell

# Generators

Create new test

npx codeceptjs generate:test

Create new pageobject

npx codeceptjs generate:pageobject

Create new helper

npx codeceptjs generate:helper

# TypeScript Definitions

TypeScript Definitions allows IDEs to provide autocompletion when writing tests.

npx codeceptjs def
npx codeceptjs def --config path/to/codecept.conf.js

After doing that IDE should provide autocompletion for I object inside Scenario and within blocks.

Add optional parameter output (or shortcut -o), if you want to place your definition file in specific folder:

npx codeceptjs def --output ./tests/typings
npx codeceptjs def -o ./tests/typings

# List Commands

Prints all available methods of I to console

npx codeceptjs list

# Local Environment Information

Prints debugging information concerning the local environment

npx codeceptjs info
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