Community Helpers

# Community Helpers

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Here is the list of helpers created by our community. Please add your own by editing this page.

# Email Checking

# Data Sources

  • codeceptjs-httpmock - a helper which wraps mockttp library to manage http mock in tests.
  • codeceptjs-http - a helper which wraps then-request library to process HTTP requests. It's alternative helper that provides more flexible request management.
  • codeceptjs-dbhelper - allows you to execute queries or commands to databases using database-js.

# Cloud Providers

# Integrations

# Visual-Testing

# Reporters

  • codeceptjs-rphelper is a CodeceptJS helper which can publish tests results on ReportPortal after execution.

# Page Object Code Generator

  • codeceptjs-CodeGenerator is a CodeceptJS custom wrapper which can create page class with action methods from the page object file(JSON) and project setup(Folder Structure).

# Browser request control

  • codeceptjs-resources-check Load a URL with Puppeteer and listen to the requests while the page is loading. Enabling count the number or check the sizes of the requests.

# Assertion & Validations

  • codeceptjs-chai is a CodeceptJS helper which wraps chai library to complete chai assertion steps with CodeceptJS logging.

# Other

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