# Installation

# Local

Use NPM install CodeceptJS:

npm install --save-dev codeceptjs

and started as


To use it with WebDriver install webdriverio package:

npm install webdriverio --save-dev

To use it with Protractor install protractor package:

npm install protractor --save-dev

To use it with Nightmare install nightmare and nightmare-upload packages:

npm install nightmare --save-dev

To use it with Puppeteer install puppeteer package:

npm install puppeteer --save-dev

# WebDriver

WebDriver based helpers like WebDriver, Protractor, Selenium WebDriver will require Selenium Server or PhantomJS installed. They will also require ChromeDriver or GeckoDriver to run corresponding browsers.

We recommend to install them manually or use NPM packages:

or use Docker for headless browser testing.

Launch Selenium with Chrome browser inside a Docker container:

docker run --net=host selenium/standalone-chrome

# Global

CodeceptJS can be installed via NPM globally:

[sudo] npm install -g codeceptjs webdriverio
# or
[sudo] npm install -g codeceptjs protractor
# or
[sudo] npm install -g codeceptjs puppeteer
# or
[sudo] npm install -g codeceptjs nightmare

then it can be started as

Last Updated: 1/4/2020, 4:33:51 AM