# Secrets

It is possible to mask out sensitive data when passing it to steps. This is important when filling password fields, or sending secure keys to API endpoint.

Wrap data in secret function to mask sensitive values in output and logs.

For basic string secret just wrap a value into a string:

I.fillField('password', secret('123456'));

When executed it will be printed like this:

I fill field "password" "*****"

Other Examples

I.fillField('password', secret('123456'));
I.append('password', secret('123456'));
I.type('password', secret('123456'));

For an object, which can be a payload to POST request, specify which fields should be masked:

I.sendPostRequest('/login', secret({
  name: 'davert',
  password: '123456'
}, 'password'))

The object created from secret is as Proxy to the object passed in. When printed password will be replaced with ****.

⚠️ Only direct properties of the object can be masked via secret

Last Updated: 7/3/2023, 10:58:44 PM